A nextgen tech company, InXight drives corporate efficiency and growth through smart technology solutions and consulting services.

For our customers this means competitive advantages, saved time & cost, and increased revenues.

Key Business Areas

We provide solutions based on smart technologies that create business advantages and optimize efficiency and growth.


Insight and Automation of Customer Operations

Innovation Success

SMART Innovation management

More to come

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About us

We are a company focused on the evolution of new generation solutions. We provide competitive advantages through better, faster & easier insight in all relevant data, and automation of key processes.


Words from our Co-Founder & Chairman

“We founded InXight to unlock the real value of two main streams of income in the future, – the innovation intiatives and the customer insight intiatives.

In a time where too many products offer a high price and low value, our approach is to ensure long term value for the users. 

This model ensures customers’ benefits, as well as a higher value for both it’s employees, customers and shareholders.”

Jan-Olav Styrvold

Learn to build long term value on low cost